Friday, January 29, 2010

Hypothesis: An idea you can test

Recently Nova ran a special biographical film on Charles Darwin, called Darwin's Darkest Hour. One of my favorite parts was how it showed him and his children exploring and learning together. Basically he made a game out of learning and he taught his children how to do scientific experiments.

Last night Alejandro wanted to put his leftover pear slice into the refrigerator. At first I was reluctant, because I know about oxidation and pears. I told him that the pear would get yucky. He was sure I was wrong. So I decided to emulate Charles Darwin. We came up with a hypothesis. Alejandro actually knows what it means from one of his favorite shows, Dinosaur Train. Buddy, the T-Rex, really likes the word "hypothesis." According to his adopted sister, "it means an idea you can test." So we came up with a hypothesis, Alejandro decided that it would turn into a yummy apple slice.

The next morning, we opened the fridge to find a slightly browned pear slice. He decided that it was an apple slice. I cut up an apple slice so that way he could taste if they were the same. When he actually tasted it, he turns to me and says. "Daddy, the apple slice turned back into a pear." So much for science.

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